promise to live a life you love

spread your wings

And fly high-fiashion, with stunning looks from the FAUNA Collection, featuring the animals that give this world its beastly beauty.

roar or soar

get in touch with Mother Nature

And ask her to be your stylist. She has the best, most beautiful designs
featuring perfectly imperfect organic shapes, pretty floral prints, and simple patterns that are absolutely divine.

like seriously, connect with her

live well

All PINQY SWEAR adornments bolster the body-mind-spirit connection that defines yoga, and that is essential for living well. The GemClass® blog, which will launch soon, will offer yoga and other fitness practices, peaks behind-the-scenes, and wellness info and inspiration. It is a space to listen, to teach, and to learn as we strive to keep the promise to live a life we love.

stay tuned in

set your spirit free

Your spirit animal that is. Promise to channel your spirit animal every chance you get, and you'll discover a profound connection to your instincts, a heightened awareness of your surroundings, and an authentic alignment with the essence of your true self.

get wild

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handmade with heart & soul

all Pinqy Swear jewelry designs are handcrafted with thoughtfulness and care. that means they may have some perfect imperfections, but that only enhances the beauty of each piece and the perfectly-imperfect person wearing them.

crafted from thoughtfully sourced materials

most Pinqy Swear adornments feature brass metal, which is typically recycled from brass and copper scrap, and is less dangerous to source than other metals. some of our designs feature gold-plating, rather than solid gold, which allows us to offer you gorgeoug gems at reasonable prices.

purposefully designed

each Pinqy Swear adornment is carfefully crafted with the express intention of inspiring and empowering you to live a life you love. therefore, each piece is as timeless as it is precious, and can be cherished or gifted as such.