T H E  B R A N D

PINQY SWEAR, like its namesake, is a jewelry and lifestyle brand that playfully invites you to make the powerful promise to live a life you love.

The personal pledges that pave the path to living well and achieving your wildest dreams, could include anything from maintaining a meditation practice, working out, connecting with nature, calling your loved ones regularly, to simply recognizing that you are enough.

PINQY SWEAR is here to help you keep those promises. When you wear PINQY SWEAR, you’re wearing more than just a pretty adornment. Each design is a personal pact you make with yourself (or the person you gift it to), to live a life you love.

Our signature nature and yoga-inspired jewelry features empowering symbols that foster radical self-love and acceptance in women ascending into higher purpose, bigger dreams, and greater love. Our ‘PS’ affirmation apparel offers a stylish take on the post script at the end of a letter: the lasting impression you make when you leave a conversation, a room, or this world.

Tomorrow is not promised, so it’s important to keep the promise to live well today.

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T H E  B R A N D  S T O R Y

PINQY SWEAR started with a promise: to live in perpetual gratitude for this precious gift called life. I made that promise to myself when I thought my life might come to an end much sooner than later. ‘High-suspicion’ mammogram results sent me into a spiral of spiritual awakening that has forever opened my eyes to the value of each and every day. The chance that I might’ve had cancer, and the trauma of losing my mother to the same disease, took over my body, mind, & soul. 

Prior to that life-changing doctor’s visit, I had all but given up on building an impactful jewelry business. I’d almost lost hope in my dream ever coming true, was working a job I hated, and had shut down my website and took an ever-extending hiatus. But once my life flashed before my eyes in a most revealing way, my passion for pursuing my purpose and dream was revitalized. I chose to start again, with Pinqy Swear.

Throughout the week-long journey to the final test results, I cried daily tears of joy and sadness for the potential struggles I might have to face, and the stunning life, family, and friends I might have to leave behind.  Thankfully, I am healthy and cancer-free. But that experience brought me face to face, again, with how women who get a different diagnoses must feel.

My mother, who was one of those women, was also one of the biggest influences on who I've become as a person and designer. Watching her stand in strength, gratitude, and grace throughout her battle with breast cancer, taught me to love life, unconditionally. My mother always made my sister and I promise that no matter when she left this earth, we would not stay stifled in sadness, but go on living our lives to the absolute fullest.

Part of my path to fulling that promise is designing jewelry that inspires others to do the same. PINQY SWEAR designs are uniquely beautiful reminders to keep the pacts we must make with ourselves and those we love, to live a life you love. Our first design to launch was the Resilience Ribbon Ring. A percentage of the proceeds from each ring are donated to the Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation, which provides breast cancer support and education services for women in Bali, Indonesia, where breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women.

Pinqy Swear is purposefully and intentionally designed to have even the smallest impact on inspiring women around the world prioritize their wellbeing, and supporting them when they can’t. Women form the collective womb of the world, creating and nurturing social, intellectual, and communal structures that are crucial to the growth and survival of society as a whole. When women live well, the world lives better.

Promise to live a life you love so you can inspire and help others to do the same? Find your pretty and personal reminders to keep that promise HERE!

🤍 Quisha

Founder & Designer